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  • Best presentations have less words & more visuals – fact!

    officeteam sales presentation

    We get to see a huge amount of company Powerpoint presentations each week and though they differ in terms of design quality there is nearly always one common trait – too many words on the slides!

    Often they are designed with the least knowledgeable sales person in mind to give them all the information they need on a product or service up on the screen.

    Less words and more preparation on the topic will get a better end result   ie a more engaged and enthused prospective new customer!

    Visuals work better than lines of text. We all recognise this from when we are learning to read. After all no child starts with a 400 page paperback with no illustrations do they?

    However it takes a brave Marketing department or Sales Director to equip their sales team with image led sales presentations.

    We recently worked with an office stationery and solutions provider, OfficeTeam, who did make that leap to a graphical presentation format in Presentia.

    OfficeTeam invested in the time to retrain their sales people in articulating their varied service offerings and drilled them in how to use the new visual-based presentation our Design team created for them. This presentation included lots of beautifully crafted 3D animation. Take a look here:

    The response they have had from prospective customers in presentation meetings has been phenomenal. What’s more we have had many enquiries directly from companies who have been in an OfficeTeam sales presentation and want the same high impact slides for their sales teams!  So,  highly visual sales presentations also work well for us as well as our clients!

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