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  • Top 5 Benefits of Presentia Over Powerpoint

    We asked our clients which features they feel make Presentia presentation software superior to Powerpoint and here are the top 5 responses:

    1. 3D Wall library navigation

    The presenter is not limited to linear navigation. Jumping between presentations and individual slides is made easy with the 3D wall, which comes with a customizable background image too! You can even search for keywords and tags across your whole Presentia library to pull up relevant content e.g. Case Studies to respond to specific areas of interest a prospective client has in a meeting, as and when they arise.

    Presentia 3D Wall

    2. Locking elements for brand control

    Different levels of access rights allow more senior team members/designers to lock key brand elements (logo positioning, colours, fonts etc.) so that individual users cannot present off brand. Ensure all your sales team are presenting consistently without any out of date templates etc.

    Locking elements

    3. Analytics for each presentation

    There is a login area so you can see which presentations have been played (offline in meetings or online presentation links your team have sent out), how frequently they are viewed, in what order, and by whom. This helps you measure your return on investment (ROI) and keeps a check on what your sales team are using most often in sales meetings.


    4. Library management

    Presentia allows you to create a centralised presentation library across the business, meaning no duplication, no more questions like ‘who has the latest XYZ Powerpoint slides?’, and no out of date content being used. Sending updates to users is very simple, and their own libraries on their laptops/ipads with then be automatically updated with new content… and you can retire out of date slides too!


    5. Dropzones

    These are crafty zones that give you a window into an area of content, such as images, videos and text. This gives you the power to create some unique transition effects and there is an additional option to create custom shaped masks which can be great for logos.