How to deliver persuasive sales presentations

Delivering a presentation as a salesperson requires a unique and specific approach. Unlike traditional presentations, you’re requesting more than just time and consideration from your audience. The goal of a sales meeting is to convert your prospect into a customer or client, which can be a lot more challenging that simply informing or entertaining your audience.

With the many challenges involved in delivering a sales presentation, it’s important to learn the basics of delivering presentations that are persuasive and successful.

Less is more

When trying to persuade people to make a purchase, it’s important that you are able to maintain the audience’s interest and attention for the duration of your presentation. To do this, try and deliver your pitch in as short a time as possible.

The average adult attention span is just five minutes, and so if possible try and keep your presentation as close to this time as you can.

If delivering your presentation in less than five minutes is not an option, try to be as concise and succinct as possible to avoid losing the attention of your audience.

One sentence summary

When delivering your presentation, try to focus on one clear message that your audience will remember. This will also allow you to make the overall sales pitch more succinct, and ensure that your audience remain engaged.

To summarise your presentation in one sentence, ask yourself what message you want to leave with your audience as a key takeaway. Using your summary sentence you can then craft your presentation so you have a maximum of three points supporting your overarching message.

Most people can only remember three key points from any presentation, so use statistics and stories to develop your key message along with three main supporting ideas.

Identifying a core message will allow you to more effectively deliver a concise pitch.

Closing your presentation

Once you have delivered your concise and engaging presentation, the next step in your sales pitch is to close the deal.

If you’re not able to close the sale there and then, end your presentation by asking your audience to commit to a next step that will move forward with the sale. People are more likely to follow through with an action if they have previously agreed to do so.

To enhance your next sales presentation remember to keep your content concise, have a clear message and close the sale with a commitment.

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