How do I download and install Presentia?

In order to log into Presentia, you will need to sign up for a user license.

If you contact us direct to discuss and purchase the user license package that you require, you will be provided with download links and your username/s and password/s.

  1. To install Presentia (version 6), take the following steps:
  2. Download the Adobe AIR runtime
  3. Run the AdobeAIRInstaller.exe
  4. Agree to Adobe’s terms and conditions
  5. Once installed > Finish
  6. Download the version of Presentia you have been instructed to install
  7. Run the PFXApp.air file
  8. Click > Install in the installation dialog box
  9. Accept the default installation location, unless your IT department has requested otherwise > click Continue

The first time you start up Presentia, your computer must be online. Once you have logged in to Presentia successfully once, you may start up the software in offline mode. Note, for licensing purposes, you must start up online at least once every 30 days.

By default, Presentia saves the files you add to your presentations in your computer’s application data folder.

On Windows Vista, this will be:

On Windows XP this will be:
C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Presentia\Local Store

On MacOS this will be:
/Users//Library/Preferences/Presentia/Local Store

Presentia can be configured to save the files it uses to another directory. This can be arranged for individual users, or for all users in an account.

To have Presentia save to a directory other than the application data folder, please contact before you start up Presentia for the first time.

Important Note

If you are using Windows Roaming Profiles it is recommended that you are not logged into Presentia with the same account on 2 or more machines simultaneously. This could cause serious problems with your library content.