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  • Top 10 presentation software products and Powerpoint alternatives for 2016

    We’ve put together this review of the Top 10 Presentation Software Products 2016 that are out there to help inform you when looking for an alternative to Powerpoint.

    PowerPoint has been the ‘go to’ product for presentations for over 25 years. Most people can build a deck of slides in PowerPoint and it is used by millions of people every day. It does however have a reputation for being tired and boring which has coined the familiar phrase “Death by Powerpoint”!

    At Presentia, we have been developing alternative presentation software products since 2002 and can talk with real firsthand experience about the myriad of presentation products on the market today.

    Nearly all alternatives to PowerPoint are built for the masses to use. So if you are looking to make a presentation for your own use at a conference etc then you are well catered for with many products offering a free model for single users.

    Let’s look at the presentation products currently on the market:-

    Starting with our own, Presentia has been developed specifically for business users. We have built the product based on over a decade’s feedback from corporate users. If you want to control the quality of the presentations your sales people use and ensure they always have the latest and greatest slides then this is the product for you. Marketing teams like it as they can lock brand elements within templates. Sales teams like it as you can have high impact, interactive slides – even on iPad and Android Tablets.

    Prezi takes a different approach to the traditional PowerPoint slide layout. It has a zoom effect where you move in and out through your presentation. This effect is not to everyone’s taste but is definitely cool for lectures and when presenting findings from brainstorms etc. If you are a financial client with a lot of data that is sensitive then you need to consider where this is hosted from a security aspect. Creating the content in the product takes little time to work out so it is probably not the easiest tool to provide to a corporate sales team who build presentations last minute.
    Free public account version for the single user.

    The Slideshark product was born out of the Brainshark stable and helps you get PowerPoint on to an iPad. Now that PowerPoint is supported on iPads this may not be a necessary product although it does have nice features around tracking activity. Users cannot custiomise Powerpoint slides once they are on the tablet.
    Free limited feature version for the single user/casual user

    A template based presentation software tool for single users who need a hand creating a presentation – the product ships with standard slide templates and access to stock photography. It is a cloud based product only at time of writing so not the best choice for the mobile worker. Great for students.
    Free limited feature version for the single user/casual user

    A launch menu application that compiles PowerPoint slides, word documents, photos etc into one presentation that you can move around. Not explicitly billed as a presentation product but features including live polling make it potentially a tool for conferences.
    Free version for the single user/casual user

    Another presentation product designed for getting slides on to iPads. It has got good traction on the corporate world. The product combines elements of SlideDog and Haiku to make a menu for launching multiple file types including Powerpoint presentations.
    Free version for the single user/casual user

    The Powtoon product uses stock cartoon animations to help you communicate your message visually. More suited to a designer or an agency to compile slides. The product is a good choice for the casual user of presentation software.
    Free version available for single users.

    The Apple alternative to Powerpoint for Macs/Macbooks/iPads. Has similar features to Powerpoint but incorporates much nicer slide transitions. To see what is possible look at old Steve Jobs presentations on youtube! Compatibility between Mac and PC users lets it down as a product for large corporate organisations who need to leave copies of their presentations with clients. Hugely popular in the agency pitching world.
    No free version for the single user/casual user

    A template driven presentation tool which can be shared on multiple devices. The product has access to many different stylish templates making it a good choice for the individual user who has the freedom to create slides without being governed by a corporate brand identity. Nice auto translation feature too.
    No free version for the single user/casual user

    A content management app for displaying different file types including presentations on the iPad. Showpad is a good alternative product for hosting a webconference meeting. Offers good online analytics information.
    No free version for the single use