Blog Example presentations

  • Consumer goods

    We work with a range of clients in the consumer goods sector. We are constantly asked to come up with new ways to present sales data for our clients, to more effectively engage their prospects and sell-in their new product ranges.

    This short video showcases some examples of presentations for consumer goods clients, created for well known brands including Blackberry, Sunny Delight, Mr Muscle and PING.

    Presentations for Consumer Goods

  • Hotels & leisure

    Over the years we have worked with some huge names in the hotel & leisure industry, creating high-end 3D animated content to showcase conference facilities and interactive maps, featuring locations all across the UK.

    Utilising many of the tools built-in to Presentia, our hotel clients have created image galleries and brought static photography to life by applying effective transitions to images.

    The creation of templates that are locked to various levels are valued highly by hotel marketing teams, who can be assured the regional sales teams are always using up to date content.

    Sales directors can then review all activity through the admin panel to see who’s doing what and when.

  • Financial services

    In the financial services sector presentations feature a lot of detail and often require a detailed graphs.

    When creating presentations for financial services, we’re often asked to break down large chunks of content and come up with more engaging ways to showcase the required level of detail. Within Presentia users can use the chart tool to create their own animated graphs and charts, or if you’re looking for something a bit more our designers and developers can create bespoke 3D animated charts for you to insert in to your presentations.

    This short video showcases some examples of content from some of our clients in the financial service sector.

  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

    For our clients in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, we often provide graphical animations to help explain key information.

    In this short video you can see some examples of presentations for pharmaceutical & healthcare presentations from Johnson & Johnson, Reckitt Benckiser & Langland.


  • Travel

    When it comes to the travel sector, presentations tend to feature lots of high end imagery to help give a real feel for the quality of the services and desirable destinations.

    There are also lots of menu items available within Presentia to enable sales personnel to tailor the presentation content to the specific needs of the prospect.

    These examples slides of presentations for the travel industry come from some of our better known airline clients, whose large sales teams regularly use Presentia to sell-in a wide range of products and services to various prospects across all sectors.

  • Logistics and business services

    Our clients in the field of logistics and business services are often in need of ways to explain processes, individual services and areas of coverage. We work with these clients to identify and use existing and stock footage, along side bespoke animated elements to explain products and services and identify USPs.

    We often utilise elements of the client’s brand as a vehicle to tie everything together. You can see this in action in this example video where we have used the cube elements from the Office Team logo to act as a menu and provide continuity throughout the presentation to showcase all the required information.