Blog Presentia Features

  • Ease of use

    Presentia makes it easy to create presentations that have the look and feel of being professionally produced. Add video, image galleries, interactive menus, animations and 3D transitions all in a few clicks.

    Once created, launch with one click (or tap, if you’re using a touch screen) and easily navigate through your content, with full access to your whole library at all times, you can dip in and out of content as you wish.

    For Marketing: this means you can quickly produce templates and full presentations to push out to the sales teams.

    For Sales: this means simple navigation when on the spot with prospects.

  • Create engaging presentation content

    Within Presentia you can quickly and easily create engaging presentation content by animating elements and applying transitions to any specific object and/or the slides themselves.

    You can set timings to build your slide in a particular sequence or simply set the elements to transition in to view, on click. You have full control of how and when your content appears on screen.

    There are currently 14 different transition styles to choose from within Presentia, this short feature video shows the options available and a selection of slides with transitions applied to make content instantly more visually engaging.

    For Marketing: this means you can bring the brand to life and really create impact with presentation content.

    For Sales: this means the audience will be more engaged and interested in your sales pitch.

  • Brand control

    Ensure your sales teams are using the most up to date and on-brand presentation content at all times.

    Maintain complete control of your brand and presentation content by locking down fonts and colours at administrator level, whilst only allowing access for sales users to use approved imagery and approved, locked templates.

    This short features video shows how you can quickly and easily lock individual elements or whole slides to maintain the required level of brand control.

    For Marketing: this means you have complete control of your brand across presentation content for the first time!

    For Sales: this means you no longer have to worry about updating logos and brand information as it’s all taken care of.

  • Use Offline

    Presentia saves all of your content locally on your machine making it available at any time, with or without an internet connection. This means you can continue using Presentia wherever you are.

    For Marketing: this means you can continue to create content and presentations at any time. No more wasted time on the train or plane!

    For Sales: this means you can present your interactive sales presentation wherever you are, with or without an internet connection.

  • Interactive Non-Linear Presentations

    The hotspot feature allows you to create interactive presentations by adding links or menus to specific content, including slides, website links, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets or Word documents. This enables you to ensure you and your sales teams have all the information you need on hand at any time.

    This short features video shows how you can quickly and easily add a hotspot to additional content within your presentation.

    For Marketing: this means you can put all the content you need in your presentations without having to compromise the branding or design.

    For Sales: this means you have access to all the information you may need when presenting to a prospect.

  • Internal Presentation Distribution

    There are a number of ways to share new presentation content with your sales team.

    When sharing content internally, administrators can push whole presentations or slide updates to an individual or a whole team. Users can be organised into one or multiple teams, and team members can then share slides easily between groups or individuals.

    You can also retire out of date content in the same way, removing it from your users’ libraries in order to ensure they’re not using it.

    For Marketing: this means you can control all content, ensuring sales teams only have the most up to date, on-brand presentations.

    For Sales: this means you can quickly and easily receive updated content from marketing, and be assured you always have the most recent and relevant content to work with.

  • Quick access to all your library content

    Sales presentations should be interactive and influenced by what your audience wants to see. Presentia is packed with tools to make this easy, allowing you to target your content specifically to your prospects. The 3D wall navigation provides quick access to all your library content with a search facility to quickly locate existing presentations, and specific content which will enable presenters to provide additional information and answer any questions from the audience.

    In the admin area access to all your library content enables the search facility to locate existing content, which means you can quickly and easily copy and re-purpose content.

    In this short features video you can see how easy it is to access other content in your library on the spot in a sales presentation situation.

    For Sales: this means you can respond to any queries in the meeting and show the prospect more of the content that is of interest to them, reducing the list of actions to follow up and providing a more seamless pitch.

    For Marketing: this is helpful in the admin area as you can quickly and easily copy and re-purpose content on new slides to save time.

  • Present on iPad and Android Tablet

    Present on iPad and Android tablet with the Presentia app. It can be downloaded in the App store and on Google Play.

    Simply download the free app from the relevant store and log in using your Presentia username and password. Within the app you can customise the launch backgrounds, access your slides and play any of your presentations.

    In order to get presentations on your device you will need to send yourself your presentation from your desktop or laptop, or simply download presentations that are sent to you direct to your iPad or tablet device for immediate playback.

    For Marketing: this means you can use more modern technology to display your presentations, adding value to the brand.

    For Sales: this means you can present anywhere and everywhere, plus no more carrying heavy laptops!

  • Sharing presentations after a meeting

    Sharing presentations with clients or prospects can be done by exporting a standalone presentation. You can also export the presentation to the web and supply them with a link to view the slidesn in their browser.

    Sharing a presentation to the web can be secured using a password and an expiry date can be set to prompt a response from prospects.

    For Marketing: this means no more costly print outs.

    For Sales: this means you can share fully interactive versions of the presentation for the prospect to view internally.

  • Screen sharing

    With our screen sharing hosted mode, you can load your presentation on to a number of iPads or tablets to distribute during a meeting.

    The presenter remains in control of the content on the screen across all of the devices, with viewers unable to skip ahead.

    This also cuts down on paper printouts making it a much more environmentally friendly option too.

    For Marketing: this means you can showcase your brand in a modern and forward-thinking way.

    For Sales: this means you can present in a more interactive way and keep your prospects engaged.

  • User Activity Reporting

    Presentia allows you to monitor all presentation activity using our cloud based reporting tool.

    The secure user presentation activity reporting area gives you visibility of the team activities, recently used presentations, most popular slides, content updates and more.

    Compile your own reports or create a custom feed for your data warehouse.

    In this short features video you can see some of the data available from the admin dashboard.

    For Marketing: this means you can review what content is shown most and least often by the sales team members, to understand what elements of content should be focused on for further updates.

    For Sales: this means you can review what content is shown and when by all your sales team members, particularly what content works best to convert sales.