Alternative to PowerPoint

The best alternative to PowerPoint for your sales presentations

While PowerPoint is a widely used and perfectly adequate presentation tool, there is a certain stigma associated with its use, particularly in the business world. The term ‘death by PowerPoint’ being the most common association. So, in order to start off on the right foot with your prospects, wowing them from beginning to end, bin your boring PowerPoint slides and make the switch to a more powerful and interactive presentation tool.

Our PowerPoint alternative provides you and your sales team with all the answers to your PowerPoint pain points. Not only providing you with a more powerful presentation platform, but enhancing your presentation capabilities through a number of other key features that securely pitch Presentia ahead of the competition in the PowerPoint alternative stakes.

Most notably, Presentia provides you with full control of your brand. As an administrator, you can lock down the content and elements meaning lower level users cannot edit, reshape or resize your logo or any other content you want to keep consistent. This offers peace of mind that the brand is being presented correctly at all times, which is probably not the case with your current PowerPoint presentations.

Other Key Features include:

  • Present on an iPad or Android Tablet
  • Ease of use
  • Video integration and smooth playback
  • Transitions can be applied to the slides and slide elements to quickly create a more engaging presentation.
  • Additional content can be added behind the scenes using hotspots
  • Retire out of date content to ensure it is no longer used
  • Quick access to all library content
  • Multiple sharing options to provide customers & potential customers with fully interactive versions of your presentation for internal review
  • Monitor presentation activity using our cloud based reporting tool

Before using PowerPoint, after using Presentia

We’ve been helping clients make the move away from PowerPoint for over a decade and understand that it can be a challenge. That’s why we offer a host of additional services to help out including:

  • comprehensive training sessions in person or online
  • step by step support material accessible online 24/7
  • email and phone support on weekdays, during office hours (9am – 5:30pm)
  • full presentation content design including high end 3D animated content.

In short, if you are looking to improve your company’s sales and marketing presentations, look no further!